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Fotona Hair Growth Laser

Fotona Hair Growth Laser harnesses US FDA Approved Er: YAG 2940nm laser technology by Fotona, specifically designed to combat hair loss. Through a gentle and non-ablative process, dormant hair follicles are awakened, triggering the growth of new, healthy hair.

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Significant Results and Highly Satisfied Patients

Several clinical studies of the Fotona Hair Growth Laser have demonstrated high efficacy and an absence of adverse effects. Significant improvement of hair growth along with increased hair density, and a stabilization of hair loss were reported, regardless of AGA (androgenetic alopecia) grade, patient age or AGA duration.

The results of patients’ blind evaluation in one study (Day D. et al., 2021) indicated improvement in hair quality in 93% of patients, which was not correlated with age or AGA grade. In other studies (Dekeyser B., 2019 and Mercik G. et al., 2021), patients reported subjective feedback as well, describing a more elastic and less dry scalp, and thicker, more durable, healthier and denser hair than previously.

To learn more about the US FDA Approved Fotona laser device, click here for manufacturer's website.

✔ Achieve Thicker, Fuller Hair

✔ Improve Hair Density & Thickness

✔ Prevent Further Hair Loss

✔ Promote New Hair Follicle Growth

✔ Suitable for All Skin and Hair Types

✔ Non-invasive Hair Loss Treatment

✔ Minimal to no discomfort with No Downtime


When will I see the results?

Results may vary between individuals. Some see results within 3 months with an improvement in hair fall as soon as 1 month.


Painful and any downtime?

It is a non-surgical treatment with no needles and no anesthesia. The overall treatment is comfortable and has no downtime. 


Can Fotona Hair Growth be combined with other hair-loss procedures?

It is safe to combine the Fotona Hair Growth with the other hair treatments like the Regenera Activa procedure & hair growth products. It can also be done after FUE hair transplant as it can help to thicken and promote the growth of new hair on the entire scalp. 


Suitable candidate for Fotona Hair Growth

Ideal for both men and women who suffer from male or female patten hair loss, mild to moderate hair loss / thinning. 



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